Budapest Hostels

East Station Hostel
Looking for the perfect accommodation in Budapest? The East Station Hostel situated at the city center and is the ideal place to be for reliable comfort, convenience, and a maximized, trouble-free, enjoyable trip. More Info

Paprika Hostel 2
The hostel has 2 different types of rooms – 6 and 8-bed dorms. All the beds have comfortable mattresses with fresh linen, warm duvet and a table lamp that can be used for reading. Bathrooms have heated water supply 24 hours a day. More Info

Paprika Hostel
The rooms themselves are clean thanks to there being a daily maid service although everything is rather basic but at least the beds are comfortable. In addition, the Paprika Hostel also offers just basic facilities throughout the building but what you do get is going to be ample for those people that are just looking for a budget place to stay. More Info

Oleander Hostel
Finally, the hostel is mainly non-smoking although this is certainly not unusual. However, they have created a designated smoking area so you are not going to be left in the cold if you have this particular vice as you are still catered for just not in the rooms. More Info

Zen House Hostel
Zen House is one of those places where you are pretty much guaranteed to have a comfortable stay in nice surroundings and with nice people. It is certainly well named as it is very relaxing and you will be more than happy with what is available. More Info